3 Ways To Finding Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche in Nigeria

Affiliate Marketing Niche in Nigeria

When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.

This saying applies to the affiliate marketing niche in Nigeria. Choosing the right affiliate niche is a significant factor that determines how successful a niche affiliate site would be.

Before you invest your time, money, and effort into creating a website and writing content or hiring, you need to know if the buying power of the potential audience is enough and know if there is a demand for information and products in the niche.

And, the only way is to do research, which is why we’ve decided to provide you with tips on choosing a profitable niche, list of profitable affiliate marketing niche in Nigeria and popular foreign and Nigeria based affiliate programs.

”Narrowing down your focus and going niche, instead of targeting everyone, is the the only way forward”

But how exactly does one find a profitable and evergreen niche for affiliate marketing in Nigeria?

In this post, we’ll share our proven process of finding hundreds of profitable niches so that you can start replicating it right away.

Sounds interesting?

Keep reading!

Talking of Niche, What does it mean?

The term niche has a different meaning in different contexts, but an internet marketing terminology, a Niche, is a more focused and narrow market within an industry. Therefore we can say diabetes, anti-aging, hair loss, hair removal are sub-niches under health.

So, niche affiliate marketing can be referred to as the practice of creating content around a niche and promoting products or services that are tailored to the needs of the chosen market.

Factors That Determine A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche

There are dime dozens of affiliate marketing niches out there, but only a few are profitable, evergreen, or sustainable. One of the first indicators of the right affiliate marketing niche is profitability.

Make a research on the market share.

If you are targeting a specific age group, what is there buying power?

Also, a perfect affiliate marketing niche should be specific, evergreen, or deals with passion and solves a problem.

Let’s quickly look into each of them.

Specific and Well-defined

A profitable niche should be specific and targeted toward a particular audience. This will make carrying out research on the needs and wants of the audience easy. Let’s take, for example, instead of John creating a weight loss affiliate marketing site; he decided to go sub-niche.

Niches under weight loss could be ”Post-pregnancy weight loss” or ”Weight loss for heart patients” 

Do you get it?

The broader topic of any industry can be approached from any angle. Instead of Adetola Adegboun of MyBeardGang, he is creating a blog that focuses on the hair care industry. Instead, he carved a niche around beard hair growth.

Note that start with a narrow focus niche does not stop you from expanding into other related niches. Starting with a specific niche does not only make you a go-to but also make you have a lesser site to compete with on Google SERP.

3 Ways To Finding Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche in Nigeria 1
Right now, in Nigeria, MyBeardGang is one of those niche blogs that shows up whenever keywords related to beard growth in Nigeria get to search for on search engines.

Nerdfitness is another example of sites that started with a narrow audience in mind.

The site was created in 2008 as a personal blog for the owner who was struggling to lose weight. This is obvious as most of the content of the site is majorly on weight loss.

And today, the site is a host to individuals who are passionate and experienced in mental health, weight loss, motivations, fitness training, and so on.

Target Problems and Passion

A profitable blog niche in Nigeria should be based on passion and Problems.

Creating a blog that solves problems of any age group or demographics areas, you would always get searchers. This is base on the logic that; people face challenges, and they would ever pay to get rid of them.

Examples of problems niche affiliate sites could be on addiction (masturbation, smoking), business (marketing, customer retention, time management), and so on.

Then we have passion niches such as romance, hobbies, and travel.

The passion and problems niche are all broad, so you must be willing to niche down enough.


The financial success of your company will be determine by the scale or significance of the problems you are solving and the opportunity you are creating – Micheal Kouly


Similarly, you must have the instinct to identify the right problems and foresight to see the different monetization techniques different from affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Quick Tips: Instead of focusing on money content, mix things up by publishing content around problems the products solve.

That is, as an affiliate marketer, you should create content to targets prospects in the three different stages of the marketing funnel: Top of the Funnel, Middle of the pipe, and bottom of the tube.

Profitable and Competitive

As someone looking to make money online in Nigeria, investing money in niches that won’t yield ROI is a total waste of financial resources.

Fortunately, it has become easy to know the profitability of a niche and determines the level of competition, with tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz e.t.c. Brief competition research can be carried out.

It’s Evergreen

For someone who wants to make a substantial amount of money from affiliate marketing in Nigeria, stay away from seasonal niche with fluctuating earnings.

To build a passive income or sustainable internet business, you may want to invest in writing content on evergreen niches.

With tools like Google Search Trends, you can view the ups and downs of a niche.

3 Ways To Finding Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche in Nigeria 2


3 Ways To Finding Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche in Nigeria 3

3 Different Ways To Finding The Best Affiliate Marketing Niche in Nigeria

Now that you know what niche affiliate marketing is, let’s show you the essential guides on how you can find such a niche to start your blog network empire.

With the qualities of a profitable affiliate marketing niche in mind, read the following:

#1. Using The HISS Framework

Getting niche ideas using HISS Framework is one of the best ways to find a niche that is not only relevant but also profitable and evergreen.

What is HISS?

  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Search
  • Social
List your Hobbies

First, get a piece of paper and list down your hobbies. Note that it can be football, fishing, swimming, jogging, listening to music, or whatever you like doing.

There is no restriction on how long the list should be, nor do you have to be an expert.

List your Interests

Interests can be your hobbies. Your benefits can be anything such as politics, traveling, gaming, fashion, sports, cars, music, and technology.

They are things that people know you by or discussions that you participate in when with friends or family.

Look For Related Topics

To make money with either your hobbies or interests, you need to look at them from a business perspective.

Make use of Google Trends for more insights, is the search trend consistent or seasonal?

Keywords research tools such as Ahrefs, Moz, and Semrush can be used to get details on average monthly search and other related topics.

Listen To Social Media

Looking out for topics of discussion on social media is another method to validate the affiliate marketing niche in Nigeria.

#2. Look Out For Case Studies

Yes, case studies help. There are different case studies on how niche blogs network owners on the internet, showing how they male their money, the number of blog posts publish, and so on.

Going into some of these niches won’t be a bad idea, but you must be ready to put in the resources to achieve results close to theirs, if not precisely.

Searching keywords like ” amazon affiliate marketing case study ” should give you access to a couple of case studies on Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Amazon affiliate niche in Nigeria

#3. Ask From People in Your Network

As an affiliate marketer, you can reduce the stress of researching by asking questions around as there are a couple of people doing research all day, looking out for less competitive affiliate marketing Niche in Nigeria.

Also, there are thousands of Facebook groups where un-harmful questions like, ”What are the less competitive affiliate marketing niche that can be monetized ” can be asked, and answers would be provided at no cost.

Note: If you need help in making research on affiliate marketing keywords research or choosing a niche, you can contact us here.

Do you have any questions to ask about Affiliate Marketing Niche in Nigeria or the less competitive amazon niche in Nigeria? Kindly make use of the comment box.

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