How To Create And Monetize an Agric Blog In Nigeria

Agric Blog In Nigeria

Can you make money from the agric blog in Nigeria? If you can offer valuable content that positions you as an authority, then yes – It’s relatively easy to monetize an agricultural blog in Nigeria and create a nice revenue stream with it.

Besides being easy to monetize, it is one of the less competitive and untapped blogging Niche in the Nigerian blogosphere.

Starting a blog has become so easy, but the real challenge is creating content around profitable keywords that can attract potential buyers. Even though it is an untapped market, that does not mean no Nigerians are creating agricultural content. However, many of the content they create won’t get the buyer’s but the freebie seekers – Only looking for a DIY approach to getting things done.

And that is why here, you’ll be shown step-by-step guides on how Xboffin grew traffic from Zero to a site that generates not only traffic buy sales and followership.

How To Create And Monetize An Agric Blog in Nigeria

In our previous post on the untapped blogging niche in Nigeria, we looked into what Niche is. Agricultural blogging was included. The conclusion was not done base on assumptions; data collated through observation and use of Google trends were used.

A niche blog is one that focuses on a single topic. This topic might have sub-niches. However, several agricultural farmers are leveraging on social media. However, we need more practical farmers using blogging to share their experiences.

Below are examples of agricultural blogs in Nigeria:

  • AgriHub – www.
  • AgroNews – www.
  • AgricIncome – www.

The Way Forward?

Start With Creating Your Blog

  • Pick a domain name
  • Get your blog online
  • Customize and design your blog
  • Write and publish content
Step 1: Pick a Blog Name

Before you choose a domain name, you should first think of the topic or area of interest. Do you want to write about a specific aspect of farming?

A right domain name should be descriptive that potential readers can quickly tell what the blog is about. For example, you can make use of a name like www. or, and so on!

Can’t decide on the right name for your blog? Send a message through the contact form to get free name ideas.

The next step is choosing a domain extension. A .com extension is preferable, but or .org work well.

Now that you’ve gotten yourself a name and picked an extension, it’s time to make sure no other person has chosen it.

Step 2: Get Your Blog Online

Now, it is time to get your blog online. It might sound technical or a little bit complex for a noob, but you get it done following instructions.

To get your blog online, you can make use of self-hosted WordPress or the free version of Blogspot or WordPress.

After this, the next thing is designing the blog to suit your purpose. Do you want to generate leads, make it possible for potential customers to send your messages through the front end? What you want to do with the sites determines how you get your website designed.

Furthermore, you need to create content around keywords that potential customers use to search for services and products related to agriculture and farming. With proper keywords research and competition analysis, you would be able to get easy to rank and profitable keywords.

Step 3: Design and Customize Your Blog

Giving your blog the right look is one of the ways to getting visitors attracted. Besides getting them drawn, it makes the navigation of the site accessible.

There are free and paid themes that can be used for this purpose.

How To Monetize Your Agric Blog in Nigeria

Without further ado, here are proven ways to monetize an agric blog that generates traffic:

1.  Offer Coaching Services

If you’re looking for a way to start making money withing this shortest time, offering coaching services should be considered.

It doesn’t matter how many years of experience you’ve gained – offering coaching services to visitors can fetch you money.

Inevitably, your readers will face challenges. As a coach with practical knowledge of agriculture, your responsibility is to help people manage their problems instead of giving up.

2. Sell Your Products and Services

Are you into rabbit farming, snail farming, or other fields? Write content around keywords potential customers could use to search for what you sell.

Leveraging content marketing would make it easy to position yourself as an authority.

3. Sell Digital Products

Not everyone can afford a coaching service, but with digital products like ebook and course, this can be possible. Writing ebooks in your area of specialization would a hot cake.

#4. Sell Adverts Spaces

Companies and firms are looking to reach more audience, with a blog that generates enough traffic, you can charge them a fee to place their fliers on your blog.

What you charge depends on factors such as how targeted your traffic is, where the banner is to be, and your audience.


At the heart of blogging is a deep-seated desired to build and nurture an audience.

The harsh truth about making money with blogging as a farmer is that you must be ready to provide valuable content for free. After that, you can now leverage the trust they have in you to promote a product or service.

At first, you will struggle to rank and get enough traffic, primarily if you depend on organic traffic alone. However, with time and consistency, you will see results.

As an example, AgHub generated sales worth of 500k in 2020. This is an achievement because when it was first created, it didn’t make any sales within four months.

In a nutshell, you won’t gain Google trust immediately you start publishing content. But with the publishing of valuable content that positions you as an authority, you will get organic traffic, enough to monetize your blog.

That said, you have to be consistent. No real success happens overnight.

We’ll like to hear from you if you have any questions on how to create and monetize an agric blog in Nigeria.

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