10 Best Hot-In-Demand App Business Idea For Nigerian Market

Best Hot-In-Demand App Business Idea

Are you looking for an App Business Idea? Nigerians – Like the rest of the world, Nigerians are going mobile than ever. Which explains why everyone (adults, teenagers, men, women, and so on) now prefers buying goods and services, make use of mobile banking platforms instead of the old conventional method, and does everything on the move.

From simple calculation to communication, storage of files to business transactions to earning a living on the internet. Almost everyone wants to make use of smartphones.

Although Nigeria is yet to tap into the $106.27 billion industry fully, the industry is set to experience significant growth in the coming years. Therefore, if you are a programmer, looking to develop your app or an entrepreneur looking to build digital assets or passive income, here are simple app ideas that make money.


10 Best Hot-In-Demand App Business Idea For Nigerian Market

#1. Weight Loss Tips/Recipes

Leveraging on other’s insecurity, you can come up with an app that educates a significant fraction of Nigeria population on how to shed their excess fat with/without going to the gym.  Just like Nigerians are ready to pay thousands of Naira to buy weight loss supplements and devices, they would be happy to download an app that provides tips on shedding excess fat.

Lose Weight at Home is an example of a weight loss app idea doing well on Google Play; it has over 500k downloads.

#2. Home Remedies

Nigerians are now turning towards the alternative therapy approach to treating ailments and diseases. However, many do not have access to the right information or find it difficult to get such information at a place.

What if they can find Home Remedies to common ailments and diseases?

That will be a good idea for both parties.

So, an app that lists different ailments and diseases solution will get accepted by Nigerians.

#3.  Job vacancy Aggregator

With the 27.1% unemployment rate in the country, Undergraduate and youths are bound to search for available vacancies. This explains the reason why recruitment and vacancy blogs targeting the Nigerian audience to attract massive traffic. To ensure they do not miss any recruitment and vacancy news, they move from one website to another.

However, with a Job Vacancy aggregating app, they can get notification of available vacancy and recruitment in a place.

#4. Religious App

This may sound funny, but it will get accepted by many Nigerians. Being a country with religious individuals, creating a mobile app that curates different prayer points daily will be of great benefit.

An example of sub-niche you can create an app on is the Prayer Points Niche; you can create the app in a way that they receive different prayer points pop up every morning.

#5. Best Deals

Nigerians like to buy cheap things when they have the opportunity. Creating the best deal app would make it easy for the majority of the country population to have prompt access to different cheap devices, items e.t.c available at various locations across the country.

Thinking it won’t work?

This idea is capitalizing on Nigerians always wanting to save as much as possible; without compromising the quality goods/services. So, they will accept an app that reveals current promos, discounts, bonuses, and more available on online stores in Nigeria.

#6. Past Questions

The past question app is another mobile app idea for students. Millions of Nigerian students sit for different exams across the country yearly. With the cost of purchasing paperback questions increasing over the years, many are now looking towards the internet.

Unfortunately, the past questions available on the blogs are either incomplete/inaccurate. Leveraging on this would be a great opportunity.

#7. Jokes

We all like reading jokes that keep us again and forget about our worries. Because of this, many blogs, funny newspaper columns, and joke websites enjoy massive traffic. So, an app that publishes different jokes will enjoy enormous traffic.

And with proper promoting strategies in place, it will reach more audiences and increase downloads.

#8. Cooking Tips

Nigerians like to try out new dishes. Creating an app where they can find a well-compiled list of cooking tips will great. And it will get downloaded if it reaches the right audience.

However, the cooking recipes that can be included should not necessarily be limited to the local ones alone.

#9. Property Finder

Apartments, office space, land lease, and houses for sale, there is a constant demand for them in Nigeria. However, finding a property in the desired location gets harder with days.

Creating a mobile app that curates a list of available houses, office space, and land available for lease would be a good idea.

#10. Making Money App

Making money is a niche that is evergreen. Nigerians are not exempted from others in the world looking for information on ways to make money online. Creating an app that aggregates different tips on how to make money online will be a lifesaver.

See How-To Promote Your App, Reaching More Audience

In our previous post on Promoting Products online in Nigeria, different methods of marketing products without spending on ads were mentioned.

As of the time of writing this blog post, there are over 2.96 million apps on the Google Play store. Which justifies why it is a go-to platform for apps promotion and download. The competition is fierce, and you should not expect users to drop the apps on their phones to download yours, especially if you are offering nothing new.

Because of this, it is advisable to think, make use of other platforms, and different marketing strategies to promote your app to the right audience.

Below are effective ways for app promotion in Nigeria:

  1. Website
  2. Influencers
  3. Search Ads
  4. App store optimization
  5. Social media


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