How Do Bloggers Make Money in Nigeria and How Can You?

How Do Bloggers Make Money in Nigeria

How do bloggers make money in Nigeria is a burning question on every wannabe blogger or newbie mind.

Beginners want to know if blogging in Nigeria is profitable enough! Those already into it want to get more revenue.

Even the Pro bloggers in the country are not exempted from looking for more methods to generate more income; other affiliate marketing and AdSense.

However, with the thousands of pages and blog posts available on the internet, a lot of people are still confused, not because the information is not accurate but because the receiver could not understand. I won’t be doing anything exceptional here but would go the extra mile to explain in a way you can easily get the first read.

Blogging has become more than a passion, it has afforded thousands of youth opportunities to earn in different currencies, network across the border, build communities of like mind, and a lot more.

How Do Bloggers Make Money in Nigeria and How Can You?

In summary: Bloggers in Nigeria make money by offering value in exchange for money, that is the more value you can offer, the more money you can make.

So how? There are varieties of ways to make money as a blogger in Nigeria, from affiliate marketing to sponsored posts, rendering of services, ads, selling of products e.t.c.

In this article, we are going to break down how each of this method of making money works and how to go about them:

1. Affiliate Marketing

make money from affiliate marketing in Nigeria

At Xboffin, affiliate marketing is our favorite way to make money from blogging; local affiliate marketing not excluded.

However, there are different approaches to affiliate marketing in Nigeria, either you join the affiliate network, sign up for a private affiliate program, or promotes products for shopping sites like Amazon, Konga, Jumia e.t.c.

Affiliate networks are brands that host affiliate programs for different companies e.g. Flexoffers and ShareASale. A private affiliate is about you signing up directly with the brand, especially when there is no opportunity for an open affiliate program.

If you are not okay with any of the two, signing up with affiliate shopping sites is the way to go. Amazon associates is one of them.

There are a couple of successful affiliate marketing blogs: Owntheyard,, ThankYourSkin e.t.c.

2. Digital or Physical Products

Sell products online in Nigeria

Selling digital or physical products is another great way to monetize your blog, especially if you have built enough trust and authority.

Either you sell digital or physical products depends on a variety of factors, from niche to logistics. For niches such as skincare, digital and physical products would work perfectly.

Getting it in front of the right audience is all that matters

But if done right can become a passive income generating system. Having knowledge of a particular niche could give you more leverage.

Examples of niche ideal for digital products: Education, relationship, Skincare, Cooking, and Nutrition e.t.c.

And we have sites and blogs such as Epic Gardening, Swim University, RyRob e.t.c. To generate traffic, you can leverage forum marketing, Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, and so on.

3. Rendering of Services

Make Money From Blogging In Nigeria

Looking for a fast way to monetize your blog in Nigeria? Think of no other way than the rendering of services.

For someone with good writing or technical skills like web development, graphics design, you’d have no problem helping individual and small businesses create an identity and online presence for their businesses.

Interestingly, this method of monetization is not limited to the tech-savvy, if you are in niches such as skincare you can render skincare product formulation or consultancy services to individuals and the same goes for every other niche.

As a blogger, you can also render the following services:

  • Coaching.
  • Virtual assisting.
  • Web design.
  • Facebook ads.
  • Freelance writing.
  • Consulting.

However, there are limitations to the rendering of services, especially if you are not knowledgeable in the chosen niche.

You might want to consider Local affiliate marketing as listed in 2 Uncommon ways to monetize your blog and there are thousands of courses on the internet you might want to consider. Or look into the following courses for Facebook ads, Search engine optimization e.t.c.

4. Advertising

Make money with Adsense

Advertising is another common method of monetizing a blog in Nigeria, you basically earn by displaying ads on your website.

Even with the mantra going around, junks of bloggers in Nigeria make use of Adsense as their primary means of monetization, before monetizing with other methods.

Thinking of monetizing your website with advertisements from other brands or companies? Google Adsense is a great choice. Other than credibility, Google Adsense does not need too much requirement.

How does making money with ads work?

As a blogger, you sign up for any ad network of your choice, get approved if you meet the standard, and then place the ads or use auto ads.

Note that most of the ad networks available today make use of targeted ads. Meaning the ads shown to the visitors depend on the site content and browsing history.

5. Blog Flipping

Blog flipping in Nigeria

Blog flipping is another way to make money blogging in Nigeria you might want to consider. However, there is a need to build the blog around quality content alone. Why?

The more quality the site is, the more valuable your blog can worth.

That is other than ranking on search engines and publishing content, you need valuable content that Niche website investors would be interested to invest in.


Making money with blog flipping is not rocket science, do the following:

  • Choose a niche.
  • Do keyword research.
  • Come up with less competitive keywords.
  • Create content around the keywords.
  • Build backlinks if needed.
  • Wait for it to grow.
  • Monetize in any way that fits the niche.
  • And then look for potential buyers.

There are different ways to sell a blog or niche website: Social media groups where digital assets buyers hang out, Flipping sites like Flippa, Empire Flippa, Website Broker e.t.c.


There are no definite ways to make money from blogging in Nigeria. However, some ways are better in terms of sustainability, profitability e.t.c.

But as a new newbie who is interested in making money from blogging in Nigeria, it’s recommended you start with offering services based on the niche and your knowledge.

And from there, you can decide to diversify into another method of monetization based on your capability and financial resources.

Do you have questions or complaints on How Do Bloggers Make Money in Nigeria and How Can You? Kindly make use of the comment box.

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