How To Sell Agricultural Products Online in Nigeria Blogging

How To Sell Agricultural Products Online in Nigeria

How To Sell Agricultural Products Online in Nigeria Blogging – Proper marketing and trust.

… or lack of thereof … are the main challenges agribusiness owners in Nigeria face when it comes to selling their agricultural products online.

After all, why would anyone buy your agricultural products when you don’t make use of the proper channel to get your product marketed?

Who would buy your agricultural products on the internet when you have no credibility or large following?

Even if you sell the best or the most affordable agricultural products in the country, you would find it difficult to make sales, even when there is a demand for your products.

Though words have been going around that businesses should leverage social media to get their products seen. What if your potential customers are not making use of social media?

What if they are making use of search engines like Google to search for businesses close to their locality? Can your business be searched and seen?

However, as a business owner, social media should not be the only method of marketing on the internet you leverage. Business blogging is an untapped method of educating yet to be fully explored in Nigeria. With it, you can educate your target audience before selling to them most subtly.

So here, I will be talking about how I have used blogging to sell agricultural products to people across the country, generate quality leads and targeted traffic. But before then read how to create and monetize an agric blog in Nigeria.

Tips on How To  Sell Agricultural Products Online in Nigeria Blogging

Now that you know that you can sell an agricultural product on the internet by educating your audience.

From here on everything you’ll read would help you in choosing the right domain name, buy hosting, create content for your blog e.t.c.

Before then, what’s blogging?

Blogging refers to the self-publishing of content in either text, image, or video format.

And over the years, it has been incorporated into small businesses and big corporation websites to educate, engage and get potential customers updated about the activities of a business.

What Is The Procedure?

Before you start selling your products online, you must go through processes such as the buying of domain name and hosting, blog design, content creation, and so on.

Below are the steps to using blogging to sell your agricultural products online in Nigeria:

Step 1: Choose the Platform to Blog With and are the common platforms you can create a blog with. However, it’s recommended you go for the paid version of WordPress for professionalism and scalability.

The free version of WordPress looks like You’d agree with me that it surely looks unprofessional and can affect the perspective people have about your business.

Other than that, it is difficult to not only remember but also type into the browser’s URL bar.

Step 2: Choose a Domain Name and Hosting

The next thing is purchasing a domain name for your business or blog. There are dozens of domain registrar out there, but I recommend Qservers and NameCheap. They both will get you started at an affordable price.

After purchasing your domain name, the next step is to buy a hosting plan, your hosting is where your site information gets stored if you are using WordPress. For an affordable and reliable hosting plan, I recommend InterServers, Qservers (Nigeria-based hosting), and then NameCheap.

Other than offering reliable hosting platforms, these hosting websites are known for getting things done for their customers with a simple chat.

Step 3: Install WordPress Through Cpanel

Installing CMS is the next thing after purchasing the domain name and hosting plan. And this can be done through your Cpanel. It can be a little bit technical for a first-timer, but with time you’ll get better at it.

However, if you find it difficult to get around the installation of WordPress or other CMS, you can contact us at Xboffin to get it done for you for free. Note: Our blog design service is not free. 

Step 4: Design Your Blog

Designing a blog is not rocket science and there are thousands of videos on YouTube to learn from. The steps are pretty simple to follow and before you know it, your business blog is up online.

For someone who finds it difficult to design his/her own blog, Xboffin offers a blog design service. Contact the Xboffin Team to hire us for your business blog design service. You’d get a month’s of technical support and tips on how to create content for your business.

Step 4: Carry Out Keyword Research

For some people, the next thing after blog design is creating content. However, for a biz owner who is interested in ranking on search engines for profitable search terms, this step is very important.

Proper keyword research would give you insight on what topics to write, the search query to use, how competitive the keywords are, competitors that are ranking for it, and so on.

For example, we’ve Mr.A (A rabbit farmer) and Mr.B (A snail farmer) and both want to create a blog on their businesses. They both would be creating content, but it won’t be on the same topic/search queries/keywords. Tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Google Trends e.t.c. can be used for keyword research.

If you need help finding profitable and easy-to-rank keywords for your business, contact Xboffin to order keywords.

Step 5: Create Content and Pages

Making your blog beautiful makes it look professional, but you need to publish content to make your audience/potent customers coming back for more.

Your priority should be on creating good, easy-to-read, accurate, and informative content for your audience. It’s worth noting that creating content is not limited to creating blog posts, you should create the necessary pages, craft good headlines, use the right CTA.

And when you create content quality over quantity should be your mantra. A well-written 15 blog post will convert better than 50 in-coherent and un-informative blog posts. Check out how we use blogging to sell things online in Nigeria.

Hire Xboffin for content writing service that converts and enage. Send a message or WhatsApp.

Step 6: Promote Your Blog

Even with the investment put into creating good content, it takes times time before your blog starts getting an impression on search engines. Before then, let people know about your blog.

One of them is to promote your content is through social media, this can be done through paid ads or organic traffic. Yeah, it takes time but it would worth it in the end. While at it make sure you keep the content updated and keep on publishing new ones.

Don’t be shy to ask your friends and family on social media (Facebook, Twitter e.t.c.) to share on their timeline.

Why Blogging To Sell Your Agricultural Products on the Internet

Blogging for businesses is not a new concept, though it yet to be fully leveraged in this part of the world. It’s one of the best ways for businesses to kill two birds with one stone.

When you blog, you educate your audience, engage them, position yourself as a go-to in the industry/niche, build trust, and so on.

  • Get people connected to your brand.
  • Position yourself as an authority in the niche.
  • Boost search engine optimization.
  • Build trust and network.
  • Increase in leads generation and sales.


It’s not doubted that blogging for business is an amazing way for agribusiness owners or farmers to sell agricultural products on the internet.

But It’s exciting to create a blog for your business, how do you ensure you are creating the right content? Promoting your content the right way? Follow all the tips provided in this blog post and you’ll have no problem getting it right using blogging for your business.

And if you need help creating your blog, carrying out keyword research, creating content, and managing your blog post, contact our team today!

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