Where To Sell and How To Sell Ebooks Online in Nigeria

Where To Sell and How To Sell Ebooks Online in Nigeria – Selling is the foundation of profitability and what becomes of the ebook you spent hours writing. If nobody knows you publish an ebook, you won’t make any sales from any of the online traffic sources. – no matter how resourceful your ebook is.

That’s why we wrote the guide. It contains everything you need on how to sell ebooks on the internet, platforms/websites to sell your ebooks, and so on.

Every idea that will be provided here has worked not only for the team at Xboffin but also for different content creators, bloggers, information marketers e.t.c across the country.

Some of the methods are free, while some require payment/commissions on every ebook purchased.

Simple Tips on How To Sell Ebooks Online in Nigeria

Compare to 20-30 years back, it has become pretty easy to leverage social media and your websites to distribute digital content. Giving away ebooks for lead generation or incentive has always been the norm, but now you want to sell your knowledge / Technical Know-How/ experience for some bucks.

Fortunately, today there are dozens of methods and platforms where you can host or have your ebook uploaded on the internet.

Before we look into where to sell your ebooks online in Nigeria, go through this; How to sell ebooks online in Nigeria.

1. Sell Through Third Party Websites

As a blogger, information marketer, or content creator who is just starting/looking for alternatives to selling ebooks online, selling through third parties websites like Amazon is the fastest route to follow.

And other than being easy, these websites to sell ebooks already have an existing market you can tap into. This approach sure comes with its disadvantages, one of which is you won’t be able to take all the money to yourself.

Furthermore, these platforms have policies that might likely get your account suspended or have your ebooks deleted. Even at that, the advantages of using third parties sites do not outweigh the disadvantages when you follow instructions and their policies.

2. Sell Thorugh Your Own Websites/Platform

Do you want total control of your profits? Who buys your e-books? Or want control over how you want to sell your digital products on automation?

Think of no other than having your own platform, this way you can do all that without restrictions.

Other than the need for a little bit of technical know-how, uploading content is quite easy, even for a novice. But as an infopreneur, a blogger you have quite several options when it comes to selling ebooks online in Nigeria;

  • Creating a membership website.
  • Creating a digital e-commerce store.
  • Creating a blog to sell your e-books.

Do you need more sales? Selling your ebooks through affiliate programs is a great way to make more profit without any form of marketing or ad spend. However, you need to give up part of your revenue as commissions for your affiliate marketers/partners.

Selling your ebooks through an affiliate is a simple one, interested individuals register on your website, get a unique URL for every product they are to promote, and then get paid for every successful purchase gotten through their unique URLs.

Hire Xboffin to create a secure and responsive affiliate system for your digital products(ebooks, courses, templates e.t.c.) or business. Contact the team on WhatsApp or through our contact us page

5 List of Website Where You Can Sell Your Ebooks Online

As said earlier, there are hundreds of local and international websites where you can sell your ebooks online in Nigeria. And more are coming up every day. Xboffin is looking to hop in on this trend to create one for a targeted niche.

So, below are the websites;

  • Payhip.
  • Amazon.
  • Blurb.
  • E-Junkie.
  • Kobocourse.
  • StreetLib.
  • Click2Sell.
  • Selar
  • Okada
#1. Amazon

If you are looking for a website with credibility and a big customer base, Amazon should be the first. And as an author on Amazon Kindle, you get 35% and 70% royalty for each of your ebooks sold on the platform.

Note that the royalty depends on factors such as the pricing structure as the period as it can be subjected to changes and your location.

#2. Okada

Okada is Africa’s leading digital content provider with over 25,000 books. As an author, blogger, information marketer you do not need to pay before you can sign up as an author on this platform; all you need is great content, 5 minutes of your time, and a registered account.

The major drawback of this website for selling ebooks online that there is a limitation in the users you can reach. However, it’s a great place to get started monetizing your knowledge as a writer.

#3. Click2sell

Do you have a great ebook and would like to sell online? But you want alternatives to the popular sites like Amazon, E-Junkie, Selar? Click2Sell is the right place to get your ebook hosted.

Click2Sell is an affiliate marketing network that helps online vendors like you get digital products advertised for commissions.  Like every other platform listed here, Click2Sell does not discriminate!

Whether you are just starting out with selling ebooks online or a vendor with hundreds of inventory – Click2Sell is a platform for you.


Everything you’ve read here should be enough for you to understand the basics of selling ebooks online in Nigeria.

Though it might seem complicated, just focus on applying all you have read and you will get better at it with time.

The most challenging part of selling your ebooks online: Starting. But once you start with any of the methods listed above, you’d get better at it. Learn from your mistakes till you get better.

Did I miss out on any sites or methods of selling ebooks online in Nigeria? If you want to share, let me know through our contact us page.

And if you think any of the methods listed above is too complicated for you, you can hire us as your partner or ask us questions through the comment box.

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