6 Quick Easy Ways To Leads Generation In Nigeria By Blogging

leads generation in Nigeria

Looking for tips on leads generation in Nigeria?

At Xboffin, we are a big advocate of business websites having a blog. It doesn’t matter what business sector or industry. Blogging is a tool yet to leverage in Nigeria fully.

What makes blogging an excellent method of generating leads?

How many times do you think people visit a business website daily, monthly, or annually? It is limited. However, blogging can change the status quo.

The only time a business website could have so many returning visitors is when it has an online store, as we have added on QumbieCouture. There’s no reason why a prospective client or visitor would stay longer or visit your site more than twice.

And of course, except the ”About Us” page that could get some frequent visits by people interested in services and products a business entity offers.

But with a good structure and updated site with unique content different from competitors. – Doing this would give visitors more reasons not only to stay longer but also to share friends.

Although many such visitors may not necessarily but, you can take them through the three different stages of the marketing funnel instead of trying to sell like the majority.

Educate before selling

That is, you educated them through them about your services and products instead of trying to sell to them, the first time they see your products.

Creating a good content plan for the business blog would make the whole process smooth, or you can hire the service of a Content Writing Company in Nigeria.

From our experience at Xboffin, working on local businesses’ websites in fields such as Agriculture, fashion, and construction industry has shown us that many business owners think it a whole lot of financial commitment to create and maintain a website business blog.

Whereas, only a few hours of writing and basic knowledge of search engine optimization is needed to maintain a website with a blog section like AgHub.com.ng.

So if you are a small business owner in Nigeria reading this, and your website has no blog section. It’s time for you to do that.

You do not need huge budget as a small business owner to create a blog for your business website. It’s not expensive. The only cost is your time.

Also, you can ask any of your workers with excellent writing skills and basic knowledge of search engine optimization to writing a few posts per week.

Regardless of how you want to delegate the content writing task, blogging should be on your list of content marketing strategies in Nigeria, if you’re going to generate quality leads and traffic from search engines.

Below is a list of things you can do to generate quality leads for your business.

6 Quick-Easy-Way To Leads Generation In Nigeria Blogging

Generating leads through blogging can be done in a variety of ways, but the following are easy for newbies to understand and implement.

#1. Offer Exclusive Content

What can differentiate you from the competition?

One of them is offering them exclusive content, which is an indication that there is more to be done than; performing keyword research and strategic spreading of keywords into the content body.

Also, delivering your content in the form of storytelling would make it easy to capture a visitor’s attention. Educating your visitors would make it easy to collect their emails.

Writing content around your experience, failures, and what you have done to make your business grow would pick the interest of the readers.

The more often you publish content from the angle of an expert, the more your site visitors see you as a go-to expert in the industry, hence increase credibility.

#2. Be Consistent

Generating leads through blogging takes time, especially if search engine optimization is the sole source of income. The results won’t show overnight. It takes proper content planning, optimization of content, link building, and patience for results to start showing.

How long it takes for a business blog to start ranking depends on the competition and how fast the site gets out of the sandbox.

But as you are consistent with publishing content, make sure you are publishing what they are looking for, not what you think they need. Therefore, spend time carrying out keyword research.

#3. Write Guest Posts

Writing guest posts is one of the most ignored methods of lead generation. And It sounds not too appealing for whoever does not understand its essence.

In 2018, we made a guest post on Naijaloaded through one of our blogs in the education niche in Nigeria ”AdmissionUpdate”. And we experienced an increase in traffic, visibility,  and earnings.

When you guest posts on authority blogs in the industry, your content would be exposed to a new audience that may have never read/heard about your business.

#4. Encourage Your Readers To Share

Yes, it would be best if you encouraged them to share your content. You can do this by enabling the share button option. Encouraging them makes it easy to share blog posts on different social media platforms.

#5. Let Others Contribute to Your Websites

In addition to guest posting your way to visibility, you should allow others in the field to share content on your website blog.

When someone contributes to your site, they tend to share it on their platforms. This will expose your business website to a broader audience. And also, besides them coming to read their favorite writer’s post, there is a good possibility of them reading yours.

#6. Have a CTA on The Page

Having a Call-To-Action is the cap of all; a business blog that ranks for keywords without a call to action has no value.

Tell them what you want them to do. Do you want your visitors to call your number, send a message through the contact form, share your blog post or fill emails into the subscription form? Let your readers know that.

Your business website needs an optimized, Updated blog. It is one of the cheapest ways to generate leads. However, make sure you do it right.

Do you have any questions to ask about leads generation in Nigeria blogging? Kindly make use of the comment box.

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