How Can I Market My Product Online In Nigeria

How Can I Market My Product Online In Nigeria

How Can I Market My Product Online In Nigeria? With the increasingly important for both small and big businesses to develop a strong web presence to communicate and engage with potential customers.

However, it’s only a few business owners that know the way around this. The internet has made it possible for small businesses with little budget for marketing to reach their customers, generating leads, and sales. In short, a company without an online presence is losing a lot of audiences.


”When you have an online presence, your business gets search and visible to those within and out of your geographical area, either through the use of hashtags or search queries.”

How Can I Market My Product Online In Nigeria

The whole idea of leveraging the internet as a medium of marketing is focused on getting people to know about your products and services. And to get this done, you need to position your business a go-to in the industry, providing the solution to problems.

#1. Start A Blog

This is one of the cheapest methods to get services or products visible to millions of Nigerians. Creating a blog for your brand/business enhances your visibility compare to competitors and increases your chances of success.

However, before coming up with topics, ensure that you carry out keywords research, this will enable you to come with fresh content providing answers to questions your audience wants.

Aside from making you a go-to in the industry, it helps build trust and relationships with customers.

#2. Create A Business Website and Get It Optimized

Creating a responsive and well-structural business website is one of the essential branding tools for any business anywhere in the world. However, not getting it optimized could become another waste of financial resources.

When you have a business website that is not only an excellent structure but also optimized for profitable keywords, your business can get seen by customers using the search queries related to your services and products.

If your website is not optimized for keywords/phrases your target audience uses, you will be losing a lot of organic traffic. Working with your web designer to get your website optimized by ensuring the site is not bulky is one the ways to get your business website optimized. You can hire us at Xboffin for the job.

#3. Leverage on Video Marketing

Video marketing is now a big thing. With a lot of free and paid video creation tools available on the internet, huge expenses are not needed to get it done.

Video marketing is one the ideal form of information marketing that businesses in niches such as fashion, real estate, health e.t.c to pass a message across instead of the conventional method of content marketing.

According to research, video ads have more CTR  than any form of advertisement. How Can I Market My Product Online In Nigeria 1

#4. Don’t Forget To Make Use Social Media

Your customers are social media. It does not matter whether you are a B2B or B2C. You can always make use of social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp e.t.c.

Furthermore, you can make use of the Facebook and Instagram ads features to reach a wider audience, and some features allow businesses to target potential customers based on interest, geographical area, education, and so on.

#5. Forums Should Not Be Left Out

Yes, your customers are on forums as well. By publishing the right content on forums like Nairaland, you can generate free leads and sales for your business. But make sure you are posting your content in the correct category, and don’t forget to make use of catchy headlines that they won’t have any option other than to click on. A brief look into Catchy Headlines and Examples should give you ideas on what to do.

#6. Implement Email Marketing

” Email marketing still works when you have the right list ”

It is one of the oldest yet outdated methods of marketing. It is a great way to develop your business because it gives direct access to the inboxes of potential customers and customers.

These resources should give you hints on email list building and essential tools for generating an email list.

#7. Make Use of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is another way to reach your potential customers and keep them engaged by sending them relevant and updated information about your services and products.

It is one of the simples but neglected marketing campaigns.

However, not all businesses can make use of SMS marketing, and it all depends on your audience, their interest, demographic area, education e.t.c One of the ideal type of businesses that can make use of SMS marketing in the restaurant business. When a restaurant sends a short message before dinner, it will be better received and won’t be counted as a spam message.


When it comes to marketing products in Nigeria, online marketing is virtually a must. If you don’t have time or expertise to get your business website optimized or write blog posts, you can hire us at Xboffin. Send a message to us through or WhatsApp.

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