List of Most Profitable Blogging Niches In Nigeria

Most Profitable Blogging Niches In Nigeria

If you’re anything just like me, you’ve spent a considerable amount of money opening blogs, buying domain names, and hosting. However, I purchased only one before I get the key to generating continuous traffic with SEO.

All of the nights crafting content.

I was updating blog posts, sharing links to social media, and moderating comments. Praying that the Google algorithm should favor my domain name. The list goes on……..

Or are you even a newbie interested in blogging because of what people told on how Linda Ikeji is balling with the money she earned from blogging?, BUt have no idea on a profitable blogging niche to choose in Nigeria. You are in the right place.

Now, here’s the deal.

Far too many people spent time and financial resources on blogs that end up not being profitable—looking at other site rankings on Google’s first page, getting all the traffic, and generating income. But here you are finding what was not lost in the first place.

There is something most people don’t think about when retracing their steps on reasons why their blog failed. It will be rare to see someone that can think of “how profitable a niche is” to reason why it fails. It happened to me in the early days of my blogging career, and I don’t want that to happen to you.

So talking of reasons why a site failed we have:

  • The unprofitability of a niche
  • Lack of patience
  • You are not consistent enough.
  • You don’t know the business aspects of blogging.
  • You have no skills and knowledge needed.

With a profitable niche, you can have a high ROI on your investments.

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Why You Need To Choose A Profitable Niche

Why Should I choose a profitable niche?

Even without telling you merely looking at the word “Profitable” should revoke your brain from “I am blogging for passion.” “profitable: yielding a profitable income.”

The sole reason why the majority goes into blogging is to make money, serve as a side hustle, or want to earn from home. But on a few attempts after struggling to get traffic or having no idea on the business aspect of blogging, such person resolves to excuses that he/she is blogging for passion. Please talk with us on WhatsApp let’s make the right decision for you with three years of experience.

Enough with the talking, let’s look into the main deal:


List Of Most Profitable Blogging Niches In Nigeria

#1. Entertainment

The entertainment niche is popular. You will find an average blogger as it is easier to get content, especially when it comes to copy and paste that people know the majority of them for. But you as someone looking to make a name can do it differently; write unique articles, promote your site the right way instead of spamming a forum with your links, and or also go sub-niche instead of being Jack of all trade.

What makes the entertainment niche a profitable one is that you will always have a market, Nigerians are known over the world for having a weak point for anything related to having fun and relaxing.

#2. Agriculture Blog

Agriculture is where many want to invest their money now; you will be amazed at the rate people are searching for information on how they can start one or two farming businesses. Still, the majority of the information available online is mere fables without substance; they are not the words of real farmers. If you have practical knowledge of farming, this is the right niche for you to venture into, but while doing so, make sure you say things the way they are, don’t give advice that could make them lose their hard-earned money.

On such an agricultural blog, you can write guides on snail farming, rabbit farming, kola nut plantation, rubber plantation, and poultry farming. Choosing a niche, you are good at is also an added advantage you can quickly build authority while churning out content different from the typical ones.

#3. Fashion Blog

Just like every other country in the world, Nigerians love fashion. And we care about what we emphasize it cause that is many judges us with. It is rare not to find a screenshot of different styles on a typical Nigerian girl’s smartphone, moving from one webpage to another for the latest fashion trends in Nigeria and tips on looking suitable for the next party. We spend heavily on beards, chains, shoes, and clothes.

This is a niche for someone who is a fashion freak. All you need to do is create content that enlightens people on the right clothes to wear, and how they can take care of their body, they create an online store where they can order different clothes from brands of their choices or make your products then sell online. If you want to create an online store, contact us on WhatsApp.


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Because wears and fashion accessories are some of the most sought-after goods people buy online, a fashion blog targeted at Nigeria is the best thing you can do for yourself come 2020. So, instead of going through sourcing of goods to sell, you can promote products for Jumia and Konga and get paid commission as an affiliate marketer. Another method of monetization is selling advert space to those in the industry.

#4. Cooking Blog

A cooking blog niche is one of the less competitive blogging niches in Nigeria, that does not mean people are not into it, but with writing content that stands out. With proper SEO and social media marketing, you are on your way to getting seen by those interested in cooking different Nigerian foods. You can also decide to go sub-niche, we have thousands of Nigerians interested in learning how to cook Ofada rice in a different form, those involved in preparing Moi-Moi and others.

#5. How To Travel Abroad Blog

This is somehow funny, but this a niche that can make you smile at the bank. If you got what it takes, we have millions of Nigerian applying for Visas to foreign countries in a year. What if you could offer them information on how they can go about it or help them get it at a fee? All you need is excellent research skills, a blog site, and the right marketing strategy.

#6. Job Search Tips Blog

Millions of youth are unemployed here looking for information on the next Job available. You can leverage this, by creating a blog where you talk about how they can write a CV, guide them on how they can prepare for interviews. While doing this, you offer services such as CV writing in Nigeria and selling e-books on how they can prepare for Interviews of a particular popular Job recruitment program.

#7. Weight Loss Blog

Nigerians are becoming educated on the risks of having an overweight body. This justifies the reasons why many are searching for information on how they can reduce their weight with diet, exercise, and other activities aimed at reducing weight.

Losing weight after gaining so much is a challenge, and many have no access to the right information on how they can do that; many quit soon after starting their weight loss programs. But with access to a blog where they can read extensively on a different approach to lose weight.

#8. Natural Remedies Blog

This is another less competitive blog niche to venture into in 2020. More and more people all over the world are aware of the side effects of some hospital-provided medications. Therefore, millions are on the internet looking for information on natural remedies and have the potential to generate traffic within months of creation.

If you can research extensively on natural ways to treat diseases, then this is the right blog for you. You can position yourself as an authority by focusing on a fraction, and then diversify later in the future. Another reason why you should consider this niche is monetization opportunities; you can fetch money by selling e-courses, e-books, affiliate marketing, and contextual ads such as Adsense.

#9. Making Money Online Blog

With more Nigerians looking for legit ways to make money online, money-making online is a good one, but it is not for someone who has never made a dime online.

This is a niche where you need to show people proves of how you get things done, and you must be ready to go the extra mile to gather information on the latest affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

How people can earn from Fiverr in Nigeria, and many others. By doing this, you can recommend tools, apps that you have used to achieve all you have done to them.

As someone in the making money online blog niche, you can sell e-books, online courses, organize webinars, consult, affiliate marketing, and contextual ads.

Another niche you might want to consider is education, thought competitive and you might have to niche down enough to make headways.

We have thousands of education blogs in Nigeria already, but you can stand out with unique content and consistency.

Choosing The Right Blogging Niche

With all the niches listed above, you are still the one to make the call. It is a personal decision. But whenever someone wants to go into blogging,  it is advisable to choose a niche one is passionate about. We have cases you are interested in a blogging niche but have no extensive knowledge to keep it floating or have no time to maintain it.

Whatever blog niche you choose, make sure it’s one you can write extensively on that won’t make you not have anything to write on for months. Or you can hire a blog manager to write content and conduct SEO for your blog.

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Methods Of Monetizing A Blog in Nigeria

Blogging is business, and it takes more than Google Adsense to monetize a blog. In cases where Google bans your Adsense account, what is the next thing to do? Sell your blog or allow the hosting to expire without renewal? That is a no below are methods through which you can monetize your site.

  • Selling Digital Products (E-books, e-courses, and building app)
  • Sponsored post
  • Selling physical products
  • Consultation
  • Google Adsense
  • Selling Ads space
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Dropshipping
Services We Offer:
  • Blog Management
  • App Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

Contact us for your creation of digital products:

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Do you have anything to ask on the list of Most Profitable Blogging Niches In Nigeria? Kindly make use of the comment box to let us know.

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