How You Can Use Blogging To Sell Things Online in Nigeria

Sell Things Online in Nigeria

How You Can Use Blogging To Sell Things Online in Nigeria – If you’re reading this blog post, you probably can relate to how it felt to struggle to generate quality leads and traffic on the internet.

Perhaps you have a great business idea, a catchy name, a slick logo, and as far as you know – a winning strategy. Maybe you’ve got operations, logistics, supply chains, and even staff recruitment figured out.

However, as the initial wave of excitement of starting your own business start to wear off, you need to figure out the answer to that one key questions…

“How are you going to drive consistent traffic to your business”

Considering the spontaneous increase in the number of individuals using social media to sell their products in Nigeria, it has become more difficult to get visibility except through paid ads.

At Xboffin, we decided to do more than sell to people, we figured there was an opportunity in educating people through content. With that in mind, we turned to Blog.

With this education-based marketing strategy, we have been able to build a community of loyal fan bases, generate quality leads and well-targeted traffic.

In this post(Increase Your Sales As a Small Business Owner In Nigeria Using Blogging), I’ll walk you through how we generated over 400 leads and a consistent traffic flow from one of our portfolio websites with only 16 blog posts.

How You Can Use Blogging To Sell Things Online in Nigeria

Having a well-optimized business blog in Nigeria will enable you to get more leads, hence experiencing an increase in sales and more importantly … more money. But How? and Why?

That’s how this post is all about. But let us talk about why you can benefit from blogging as a tool to increase your sales and lead generation in Nigeria.

1 – Improve in Crebidility and Trust Factors

When you publish unique content from an expert point of view and you draw traffic to it, a lot of people seeing your content through different search queries punched into the search bar will think of your brand as if it’s a well-known brand.

With this, they can go on to hire your service or give your product a trial without the need for further verification. And all of this comes from writing content that positions you as an authority in your industry or niche.

2 – Business Website Get More Search and Visible

Creating a blog and publishing content around easy-to-rank and profitable keywords will net you a bunch of traffic. Most times you can experience a consistent increase in traffic.

Sometimes, you can attract more than 70% of visitors to your website especially when you have catchy headlines. Having all this traffic means a lot – even a small percentage of will convert into buying customers.

3 – Get More Inbound Links To Your Websites

No one wants to link directly to a service business or product they are yet to try out, but with a blog filled with high-quality blog posts, you get more inbound links from reputable websites and bloggers.

Other than increasing your domain authority and traffic, this single act can generate more income and visibility for your business.

4 – Increase Your Business Website Index Page

Having fresh and updated blog posts published on your business website does not only help your visibility but also get your website pages to get indexed as soon they are published.

The best thing about this is that your content is high-quality and people who find your blog are looking to solve a specific problem. It will result in not only traffic but also more sales.

What To Do To Increase Sales and Lead Generation With Blogging

Can I generate quality leads and sales using e-commerce?

What topics should I publish on my blog page?

How many blog posts do I need to have on my site?

Answers to all these questions will be provided in this section.

Read on.

1. Perform Keyword Research

Everyone knows social media is a great platform to generate targeted leads and sales in the country. What most people in Nigeria don’t realize is that people now turn towards search engines like Google to find out information before they make purchases.

And when they do that, they make use of certain search queries/ terms/ keywords. As a small business owner who wants to get searched and visible, you need to perform keyword research to find such profitable terms.

How do you perform keyword research?

The very first way to generate potential keywords people your targeted audience are using is to use Google’s very own auto-suggest feature. In our own case, we were creating topics on rabbit farming in Nigeria.

So what happens if we start typing search terms related to rabbit farming in Nigeria into Google’s search bar? It will suggest related search terms like;

You’ll notice Google’s tool is suggesting like “rabbit feed formulation in Nigeria”, “rabbit farming budget in Nigeria”, “rabbit farming business plan”. Alone, we have more than 5 keywords we can create blog posts for.

However, if you want to take this strategy further by finding out the keywords difficulty for each keyword, you can use some other keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, These tools do more than suggest search terms, they will provide insight on ranking difficulty, SERP position history and so much more.

Keywords research service in Nigeria
Xboffin – Keyword Research overview

Keyword research tools like Ahrefs will show you the SERP history of your keywords.

Keywords research service

The paid version of Ahrefs will give you search volume, KD, Clicks per search e.t.c. Here’s a sample of keywords we generated using the paid version.

Find easy to rank keywords using ahrefs

Note: Do not assume the search volume provided by these tools are accurate, especially for a country like Nigeria. And if these processes seem stressful for you, Xboffin provides an affordable keyword research service.

2. Create Content Around Your Keywords

What next after keywords research?

The next thing after keyword research is to create blog posts around keywords of your choice. However, as a business whose only aim to generate targeted traffic, not all keywords are profitable for you.

Create content writing plan

Another thing to do before creating your blog post is to plan. Writing a blog post for a business blog is more than just churning out words, you need to put certain factors into consideration.

  • Plan your outline and check facts.
  • Craft a headline that will capture audience attention, hence increase your click-through rate(CTR).
  • Use the right images and videos.
  • Edit and format your blog post.

Planning your post outline does more than making it easy for readers to understand what you are passing across. It may also help you spark off new ideas.

Furthermore, you need to craft a good headline to get people to click on your links. Even if you rank for profitable keywords on search engines and your headlines are quack, it would difficult to get the traffic you need.

3. Optimize Your Blog Posts

Now that you’ve crafted your headline and content, you need to further optimize your content blog posts for the search engine’s result. The process is a very simple one and contributes to rankings when done the right way.

– Title and Description

Having the keywords you are targeting in your title is the only way for Google and other search engines to know what your blog post is all about.

How to sell my agricultural product online

Remember to also have your keywords in your meta description. Although this does not affect your rankings in any way, well-crafted content can increase your CTR.

How to optimize my content

The next thing is to have your image optimized. This is done by having your targeted keywords in the “ALT Text” section.

How to optimize image for ranking

4. Use CTA Where Necessary

You’ve written and optimized your blog post, the next thing is to have necessary CTA links or buttons in the right place.

Blog CTA

This might seem insignificant, the reality is that the best-written blog post isn’t effective if it doesn’t encourage/direct your reader to take action or go further.

As a business owner who wants to leverage blogging to generate leads and sales, make sure you have your CTA near the top, where the eyes naturally go and the bottom of the page.

It’s worth noting that CTA can either be in buttons, images, or text.

5. Create and Update Old Content Consistently

Increasing your sales with blogging does not stop at hitting the publish button. To maintain your ranking status you need to get old get updated with new content base on your preference.

Once you perform keyword research, create a content plan of six to seven months of the blog posts you’d create. This way you will prepare ahead for every blog post you are going to publish.

Other than maintaining your ranking status, updating and publishing new content would help get your blog followers updated, especially those who visit your site for new content.

Blog management service in Nigeria

When updating your blog post, remember these tips:

  • Link from older posts to new posts.
  • Go through your targeted keywords again.
  • Carry out an occasional content audit.

If you find it difficult to update your old content, don’t worry. You can hire Xboffin to do a thorough content audit and get your old content updated.

6. Build Quality Backlinks Profile

Other than writing quality blog posts, building a quality backlinks profile is the next thing to get the right ranking on search engines.

A quality backlinks profile is like a pillar for your website and a good quality backlinks profile tells Google and other search engines your site can be trusted.

You can build backlinks through infographics, guest posts, content promotion, and so on.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we were able to achieve from one of our sites focused on rabbit farming in Nigeria (Leads, calls, SMS, and WhatsApp messages).

leads generation in Nigeria
Leads Generated Through Email
Leads generation in Nigeria
Leads Generated Gotten from WhatsApp
Traffic generated for a website
Search Console Showing Traffic
Google Rankins
Google Search Console Showing Traffic

Blog post with Comment


As you can see, the potential to increase your sales as a small business owner in Nigeria is huge. With just 16 blog posts, we were able to generate targeted traffic, quality leads, and more sales.

Want to increase your sales as a small business owner in Nigeria using blogging? Below are what to do in a nutshell:

  • Carry out keyword research, craft your title and outline your content, write and get your content optimized, build quality links, add CTA where needed. Finally, keep your content updated and publish new ones.

The best part is you can outsource everything to us at Xboffin. Do you have a problem with content writing? Keyword research? Blog management? – We do all that. Send us a message on WhatsApp or send a message through our contact us page.

Generating traffic and increasing sales with blogging is not a magic bullet. You can’t just create a blog today and expect to gain traction without doing what works. You need to be consistent with writing content, crafting great titles, and building relevant backlinks to see results.

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