SEO Tips For Agribusiness Owner in Nigeria

SEO Tips For Agribusiness

Any SEO Tips For Agribusiness?

Agribusinesses are becoming a vital part of the world economy. Not only do they supply food to rural and international communities, but they also add value to farm produce.

Some agribusinesses are business-customers, others are business-to-business. B2-C targets individuals while B-2-B target businesses – Both need an online presence(website)

And the best digital marketing strategy to make your website visible to people in and outside your geographical areas is to implement a Search Engine Optimization(SEO) strategy.

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SEO Tips For Agribusiness Owner in Nigeria

SEO is not meant for agricultural businesses that sell products alone, it is needed by all. With proper SEO you can position yourself as an authority. No matter what field of agribusiness you are in (Rabbit farming, Snail farming, and others) people searching for information regarding your niche people can always find you.

Agricultural companies offer different services and products, they can benefit from SEO.

#1. Use Title Tags


Whenever you search for information on search engines, title tags are the texts you see in Google and Bing search results. These tags are meant to tell users what they are to expect from your page.

The right way to use the title tag is to make them short, concise, brief, and have some form of branding. By mere looking at the result you can know who made the post and what it is about.

#2. Start A Blog

Writing blog posts is another way to increase your site rankings and keep visitors coming for more. Agricultural posts don’t need to be wordy – 1000 words post is good enough – And you can write longer posts as it can boost your rankings and also provide your readers with more in-depth information than your competitors.

Coming up with blog posts takes more time, but they can position you as an authority in your niche and they can easily make potential customers trust you with their money.

With blog posts that solve customers’ problems, you can establish a relationship with them and engage them.

#3. Write Strong Content

If you really want to provide a good experience for your site visitors you should write content that is easy to read. Instead of stuffing your post with keywords write a post that is for your readers and ranking on Google’s first page will be least of your problems.

As an agricultural business owner, you should stay away from using agricultural jargon,  and acronyms. You don’t need to write like you are writing any academics paper. Write blog posts that are clear, direct, and concise that your readers can understand at first reading. The easier it is for blog visitors to understand the more likely they can be converted to paying customers.

#4. Optimizing Your Pages With Relevant Keywords

Every page on your site should contain relevant keywords that people are using to search for more information in the agricultural industry. The first approach to this is performing keyword research, filter out the irrelevant keywords then create content around the ones with potentials.

Stay away from stuffing your posts with keywords as it can provide a poor user experience. With this in mind, you need to put your readers first  – Search engines will love your site and rank it higher than your competitors.

#5. Use Videos and Images

Using videos and images effectively gives the reason why your visitors should stay for a long period of time. It increases the chances of converting them to customers. Research has it that blog posts with images and videos have high chances of ranking.

You should start using graphics and video content that your visitors can relate to, this can be done by posting videos on the YouTube channels. Post the videos then embed them on your website.

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