Guide on How and Where To Sell My Website In Nigeria

Where To Sell My Website In Nigeria

Where To Sell My Website In Nigeria – Selling a website is one of the uncommon methods of monetizing either a website( e.g. an affiliate blog, lead generation website, and so on).

However, selling a website in this part of the world seems quite difficult, which has lead bloggers, niche website builders in this part of the world to be looking for an answer to “Where To Sell My Website in Nigeria”.

Yes, the process might be too tricky, strange for a first-timer, but it’s possible and there are different platforms to leverage.

In this guide, I’ll show you everything you need on How and Where To Sell Your Website in Nigeria.

Let’s Get Started!

Guide on How and Where To Sell My Website In Nigeria

As a niche website or blogger, you should know at least 1-2 platforms(both international and local) where you can sell your website in Nigeria. And in this section, we are going to look into such platforms, their advantages, and disadvantages, and then how to go about listing your digital assets.

  • Empire Flippers.
  • FE International.
  • Social media.
  • Flippa.
  • Forum.
  • Trustia.
  • Digital Exits.
  • Side Projectors.
  • Xboffin.
  • MotionInvest.
1. Empire Flippers

Are you looking for a reliable place to sell your website hassle-free? Empire Flippers is the place to go. The team at Empire Flippers has a mechanism in place that has helped buy and sell online businesses worth over $200 million.

Also, the process of website selling process at Empire Flippers is in a way that ensures non-serious buyers do not get in contact with you as a seller.

Furthermore, the team renders technical support that makes the transfer of your online business and hassle-free.

2. FEInternational

Over the decades, FE International has become known for rendering advisory services in e-commerce, SaaS, Content M&A to over 850 online businesses, totaling half a billion dollars in acquisition value.

Founded in 2010, FE is known for its extensive network of pre-qualified international investors. With headquarters in New York and regional offices in Miami, San Francisco, and London, FE is an international company serving clients worldwide.

Also, FEInternational was named the 8th fastest-growing financial services company in the Americas (133rd overall) by the Financial Times in 2020 and is a two-time Inc. 5000 company.

3. Social Media Platforms

Social Media is another place to sell your website in Nigeria. As a niche website builder or blogger, you can do more than chat or network.

On social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, you can sell your website and other online business in Facebook groups like Affiliate Niche Builders, and so on.

Other than finding potential buyers for your niche or blog websites, you can also network with people of like minds, potential investors, share and gain experience.

4. MotionInvest

Motion Invest was created by people just like yourselves who either had a site they needed to sell or they were looking to buy a site, however, when sites are making between $20-$7,000 per month, there wasn’t really a reliable place to go to.

Motion Invest is one of those sites you wouldn’t want to check when you decide to sell your website, however, the approval process is a little bit strict.

One of those things that make MotionInvest stand out is that websites with small monthly revenue streams can be listed.

5. Forum

Sometimes, it takes time to find potential buyers through any of the platforms(websites with small monthly revenue streams social media, market place and so on) listed above, but have you marketed your website through forums?

There is quite a number of niche forum out there where you can find people who are into buying with a starter or established websites.

6. Xboffin Media

Other than providing digital marketing and content marketing services such as blog posts content writing service, blog management, SEO, and so on. Xboffin is working on creating a platform where niche website builders, bloggers, information marketers, and so on can sell their websites or digital platforms without worries of getting scammed.


Guide on How and Where To Sell My Website In Nigeria

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